A substantial €4M research bid has been awarded to NTU by the European Union’s Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Networks Fund for a four-year project on positive energy districts, promoting efficient energy generation/use, and energy justice, for sustainable living.Horizon 2020: €4M Grant Awarded to NBS Researchers

The bid was developed with a consortium involving 24 organisations across the EU, seven other universities and 16 private and third sector partners. It will provide funding for multiple research activities with the partner organisations, built around funding and co-supervising 15 full-time PhD students.

This complex project will be led by Kostas Galanakis (PI, Project Coordinator and Training Manager, and PhD supervisor) with NBS support from Rob Ackrill (CI, Scientific Manager and PhD supervisor), Néstor Valero-Silva (CI, Ethics Advisory Board Coordinator and PhD supervisor), and Eleni Stathopoulou (CI, Work Package Leader and PhD supervisor).

The bid is aligned to the research interests of these academics working on energy policy, systemic thinking, stakeholder engagement, and sustainability, and their respective NBS research groups: Innovation, Digitalisation, Entrepreneurship and Operations (IDEO), the Responsible and Sustainable Business Lab (RSL), and Applied Economics and Policy Analysis (AEPA).