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Background on Case Study Library

A variety of Positive Energy Districts (PEDs) have been implemented or are being developed across Europe. These have been recorded in places like JPI Urban Europe’s PED Booklet

Below we present 20 cases of PED or PED-like developments that have been featured in Value Generation by PEDs: Best Practices Case Study Book. The purpose of these cases is to inspire future PED developments. Each case study contains brief information on stakeholders involved, financial streams that supported the project, technologies used, and project achievements. We hope these case studies will serve as springboards for greater deployment of PEDs and other renewable energy projects.

How are the cases organized?

Cases are organized according to the project’s main objective. Because all featured cases are primarily driven by a desire to mitigate environmental impact (e.g. reduce carbon emissions), we categorized cases according to the additional value they hope to bring: economic, technological, or social value. While the projects may create impact across multiple categories, we have tried to pinpoint the main objective that served as a driver. This was then generalized into one of three project aims below. 

These cases were then sorted into the geographical scope they encompass.

Case Study Library

For cases that you would like to see added to the Library, changes to existing ones, or questions, please reach out to: smart-beejs@ntu.ac.uk